Churchill Park

Churchill Park is the largest park in Glendowie, Auckland, boasting 40 hectares of mixed farmland and regenerating native bush. The park provides an important habitat for native wildlife , it’s proximity to the coast makes it a valuable corridor for songbirds. A map of the park showing the walking track is available here.

The Friends of Churchill Park actively champion the park and the restoration of its natural habitats by:

Churchill Park has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, thanks to the tireless efforts of the community in planting and weeding. The adjacent image gallery offers a visual journey through the park's journey of reforestation and regeneration. From barren lands to a thriving ecosystem, the transformation of Churchill Park is truly inspiring. This gallery is a testament to the power of community-led conservation efforts and the beauty that can be achieved when we work together towards a common goal.

Get involved!

The Friends of Churchill Park meet at 9am on the 1st Sunday of every month (at end of Athlone Road) to plant, weed and maintain native bush. Sign up to join our email list by sending an email to