Where can I get a trap?

We have regular trap handouts throughout the Songbird Project zone. Check our event calendar or Facebook page for updates.


What bait can I use in my rat trap?

You can use lots of different baits in your rat trap. Peanut butter is a good one (especially Pics brand), but you can also try dried fruit, liquorice, nuts, cheese. If you haven’t caught anything in a while, try changing your bait. Rats like variety just like we do.


Where should I place my rat trap?

Alongside fence lines are a good place to locate your trap as rats love to run along perimeters. Also near your compost bin, rubbish bin or beneath fruit tress are other good locations.


I think I have a possum on my property, who do I contact about this?

We have an enthusiastic possum trapper, Edward, who can help set you up with a possum trap on your property. Contact possums@songbird.org.nz.


How do I know if I have pests on my property?

Signs of pests on your property include droppings, nibbled fruit, tree branches where leaves have been stripped. We have a variety of easy to use pest monitoring tools that can let you know if you have pests on your property.


I live outside the Songbird Project zone. Are there any other groups in my local area?

There are a number of pest-free groups operating in the Auckland Region. 

check the directory of community groups on conservation Auckland - https://www.tiakitamakimakaurau.nz/get-involved/auckland-conservation-directory/


How many pests have been caught so far?

As of March 2023, 6,744 rats, 3,510 mice, 375 hedgehogs and 1614 possums have been removed from the Songbird Project zone. By removing these predators, we are helping to create a safe place for native birds to live and breed.  

I have a pet cat, can I still use a rat trap on my property?

Yes! A rat trap will be given to you inside a wooden tunnel. The purpose of the tunnel is to keep non-target animals such as cats, dogs, birds, and children away from the trap. One thing you can do to help protect native birds is to keep your cat inside at night and to ensure they have a bell on their collar.