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We are a charity (charity # CC54954), and we need your support. Researching, planning and running our projects incurs costs that we work extremely hard to meet. Big or small, your donation helps us! If you would like to help and make a donation for general use (or sponsor a trap), we would be very grateful. We can only accept financial donations in New Zealand dollars. All donations are final and non-refundable.

Bank account.: 38-9019-0047643-00

Address: Eastern Bays Songbird Project Incorporated, 85 Whytehead Crescent, Kohimarama Auckland 1071


Receipts for tax credit:

You will receive a receipt containing:

  • the name of the donor(s)

  • the amount and date of the donation

  • a clear statement that it is a donation

  • the signature of an authorised person, and

  • an official stamp with the name of the approved donee organisation.